The Wattles at Austral – DA has been Approved

At Impressive Property Developments, We have another exiting news to share with you all. Our Development Application for 26 lots land subdivision for The Wattles at Austral, 145 Eight Av Austral has been approved by Liverpool council on 14th June 2018. Yes, it is a really exiting news for all of us as we were dealing with the council for the past 15 months to get it approved.

We do expect to start the construction of The Wattles infrastructure in September /October 2018 and anticipate to complete the project by Feb/Mar 2019.

The suburb of Austral is now starting to experience the predicted change. In some of the residential developments, e.g. in Sixteenth Av, Seventeenth Ave and Gurner Ave, and at 6th Ave/Kelly St, which all started ahead of The Wattles project, roads and infrastructure are now completed. A large number of houses are under construction and it will be only a few month until the first families move into their new homes. Closer to Bringelly Rd and the new town centre there will be medium density units built; an application for a multi unit development has recently been received by the council. The Bringelly Rd upgrade in Austral is nearly completed, providing easy access to Austral with the increasing population.

We looking forward to update you soon again with the progress on the project. If you have any questions about the above or  The Wattles projects, please feel free to give us a call or to send an email.