About us

At Impressive Property Developments, our aim is to provide sustainable and affordable land for you to own your dream home, or build your property investment portfolio.

Every Australian should be able to fulfil the dream of owning their own home, despite the shortage of affordable housing in most capital cities. That's why we want to make it easier for you to find your ideal land, build your family home, or take your first steps in property investment.

We build great communities by developing parcels of land ready for building environmentally safe housing. The management of this process is driven by our in-house project management team, in close collaboration with industry experts who help specify and build the supporting infrastructure.


We are committed to increasing the supply of affordable land in the Sydney West region corridor. We focus on developing affordable and high-quality land lots. We ensure that all our projects are located in great and rapidly growing locations with a full range of amenities, including roads, water, sewerage, communications and energy. We believe in achieving this goal in a sustainable and ethical manner and with the objective of giving our investors and clients the best service to meet their needs.


  • Carefully selecting development locations with great transport links, schools, shops entertainment and employment opportunities.
  • Analysing the benefits and costs of opportunities to ensure our investors have the best options.
  • Understanding the insights of potential residents in terms of what is important to them and gearing the development to meet their needs.
  • Understanding the supply and demand in the market and areas that show the greatest potential.
  • Working closely with the local council to ensure the development meets their legal and community requirements.
  • Ensuring the land purchasers build their house in a vibrant community with all the amenities.