February Update: Wattles Project Working Towards Completion and Settlement.

We are staying true to our mission to complete the high-quality development at The Wattles at Austral, ready for settlement in coming months. With our committed team of consultants and project managers working hard towards achieving our strategies, we have achieved the following milestones since our last update;

• The internal kerbs all most completed.
• Internal Sewer reticulation 85% completed.
• All Internal Drainage System and Agg lines and conduits are completed
• All road pits in the subdivision completed.
• Relevant roadworks on 8th Avenue has started. Subgrade completed.
• The water main reticulation will start in coming weeks.
• The electrical reticulation will start in coming weeks.
• The internal and Eighth Av Roads seal will start in coming weeks.

Based on current progress the estimated date for completion is May/June 2019

Impressive Property Developments continues to be committed to building affordable and high-quality land projects to create sustainable communities within North West and South West Sydney. The Wattles project is meeting all required processes to achieve and guarantee a successful project delivery.

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